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Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorney and Veterans Court in Sarasota and Manatee County

Veterans Court is now available to former armed service men and women who are charged with criminal offenses in both Sarasota and Bradenton. The objective of Veterans Court is to assist in the transition of armed service men and women who are charged with crimes back into society. Veteran Court judges have experience dealing with issues Veterans specifically face. Veterans’ court is a program for high risk offenders who suffer from post war related problems such as mental health issues, drug addictions, or other issues that prevent them from adjusting to societal norms.

Much like the pretrial intervention program, successful completion of Veterans court usually results in the charges being dismissed or reduced thereby avoiding a conviction. If you do not qualify for Veterans Court but are a first time offender you can find more information on the diversion programs that result in a dismissal of your case by clicking this link:

However, unlike the other diversion programs, Veterans court is like most drug courts in that it requires monthly court appearances and is usually more involved than the standard Pretrial Intervention or Misdemeanor Intervention program. The duration of the program may last up to two years and usually involves a drug and alcohol evaluation along with any recommended treatment, random drug testing, assistant with find a job, learning a new craft, and potentially treatment classes.

The main objective of Veterans Court, unlike regular court, is to reduce the recidivism rate while also improving access to VA benefits and programs.

Veterans court uses a treatment based approached which involves an assessment of the Defendant mental health and substance addiction issues which is provided to the court. Based on the results of the assessment, the Veteran has the option of completing treatment in Veterans court or opting out and having the case return to regular criminal court. Treatment options include both inpatient and outpatient. The duration of the inpatient programs with the VA can last anywhere from twenty eight days to two years.

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