The Synergistic Effect of Combining Drugs and Alcohol (Drug DUI)

When you are prescribed medicine, there may be a notice on the label-- “do not combine with alcohol.” Many kinds of drugs, both illegal and prescription, can have adverse effects when combined with alcohol. The “synergistic effect” happens when you drink alcohol and ingest some kind of drug. The combination of drugs and alcohol will increase the effects of alcohol on your body. Even if you have only had one glass of wine, ingesting any kind of drug can sharply increase your impairment. One glass may feel more like three. Even if you think you are okay to drive, you may not be. If you are arrested for DUI after combining drugs and alcohol, it is important that you seek out an experienced Tampa drug DUI attorney at Pallegar Law, P.A.

Breath Test Results

Did you know that even if you blow below the legal limit, you can still be arrested for DUI? Any kind of intoxication can result in your arrest for DUI, despite not having a high breath alcohol concentration. If you are unable to pass a field sobriety test or gain control of your normal driving faculties, you can be arrested for DUI. Even if you only had one glass of wine with an over-the-counter medication, you may still be too impaired to drive. When you are prescribed any kind of medication, make sure you are well aware of the potential side effects and results of mixing with alcohol.

Marijuana, Cocaine, Opioids, and Other Drugs

The most common illegal drugs that are mixed with alcohol are marijuana, cocaine, and opioids. Mixing two depressants (such as alcohol and heroin) greatly increases the effect of both intoxicants. In fact, alcohol can even be lethal when mixed with certain amounts of opioids. The synergism of mixing illegal drugs and alcohol results in more than just the individual effects of both. When mixing drugs and alcohol, the results of each are greatly amplified. You may experience unexpected side effects and greater impairment. Your coordination, reaction time, attention span, perception, and judgment will all be affected. If you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI after mixing drugs and alcohol, contact an aggressive Tampa drug DUI attorney at Pallegar Law, P.A. today.

Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol may have a similar synergistic effect on your body. Energy drinks are high in caffeine, ginseng, and taurine, among other herbal ingredients. Reduced fatigue mixed with the behavioral impairment of alcohol may lead you to make poor decisions or take risks that you would not normally take. The high caffeine content in energy drinks may make you believe that you are less intoxicated than you actually are. Although you may think mixing a depressant (alcohol) with a stimulant (caffeine) would be a positive combination, the caffeine does not offset any of the effects of alcohol.

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