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Crime Statistics in Tampa, Florida

As an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney we handle DUI and criminal cases. Tampa is ranked safer than nineteen percent of other cities in the United States according to recent statistics. How much crime occurs in Tampa? Well there were just under 11,500 reported crimes last year. A majority of the reported crimes are property related crimes such as arson, criminal mischief (damage to the personal or real property), vehicle theft, retail theft/petty theft and burglaries. This excludes violent crimes and drug related crimes. However, out of the 11,500 crimes reported a little over 2,000 crimes were considered violent. By definition, violent crimes include robbery (since it involves force), murders, rapes, battery, domestic related crimes and assault.

There were twenty-eight murders, sixty-six rapes, and five hundred and seventeen robberies out of a total population of 358,700. This accounts for approximately thirty-eight crimes per square mile within city limits.

The city of Tampa has a total area of just under 200 square miles. This includes just over 100 square miles of land and just over 50 square miles of water.

Hillsborough County, including Tampa and other cities, as a whole has more crime than any other neighboring county due largely to its population density.

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DUI Statistics in Tampa, Florida

As an experienced Tampa DUI Attorney we routinely represents individuals charged with DUI and other driving related criminal offenses. DUI arrests can occur any day of the week in Tampa. However, most people get arrested in Tampa for DUI over the weekend. This probably isn’t very surprising since that is when most people are at bars or parties consuming alcohol. Tampa Police Department (TPD) and other Hillsborough County law enforcement agencies deploy DUI trained officers to patrol the streets on specific nights of the week to look for impaired drivers. Expert officers trained in DUI detection are known as Drug Recognition Experts or DREs. The sole job of these officers is after a traffic stop to look for specific signs of individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol and make DUI arrests.

DRE’s are specialize officers who go through extensive training which includes relying heavily on the performance of Field Sobriety Tests or Exercises (FSEs or FSTs) and approximating an individuals breath or blood alcohol level by looking into a DUI suspects eyes conducting and observing various signs of impairment. Over consumption of alcohol and taking certain drugs can be observed by the presence of Horizontal Gaze Nystagamus (HGN) and potentially Vertical Gaze Nystagmus (VGN).

For more information on what it takes to become a Drug Recognition Expert including Training and Experience visit: http://www.decp.org/training/

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