At Pallegar Law, P.A. we are the firm professionals and college graduates call on when they find themselves involved in a criminal investigation or even worse charged with a theft crime in the Tampa Bay area. We take this responsibility very seriously and understand that the outcome of your particular case can drastically affect your future. So whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, a fellow lawyer, an accountant, an engineer, or a college student contact an experienced Tampa shoplifting attorney today by calling (813) 444.3912. We are open 24/7 and there is no charge for the initial consultation.

As Tampa shoplifting lawyers we specialize in handling theft cases. This includes both felony theft cases and misdemeanors shoplifting case.

Our main objective in representing professionals charged with serious theft crimes in the Tampa area is to make sure the charge and outcome of your case does not affect you in the future. In other words, we want to brush it under the rug and make the outcome of your case and arrest no existent. Through the expungement/seal process we can accomplish this result so that when a background check is performed the charge along with its resolution and the arrest does not show up.

There are many variations of facts that give rise to a theft charge. However, some common forms of theft include grand theft of a motor vehicle also known as a grand theft of a conveyance, theft of utility services from TECO, theft at restaurants. By far the most common form of misdemeanor retail theft occurs at department stores and involves an amount under $300.00. If you have been arrested or charged with misdemeanor theft contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in Tampa, Florida today by calling Pallegar Law, P.A. at (813) 444.3912.

On March 27, 2017 a Tampa Heights neighborhood noticed something strange. Mail was being stolen directly from their mailboxes. Several residents noticed that envelopes opened when they retrieved them from their mailbox. Meanwhile others noticed missing mail. After this occurred for several days one resident set up surveillance and caught on video the culprit looking through mailboxes taking mail which included an Amazon package directly from her doorstep.

According to USPS mail theft across the US has generally remained the same however they have seen a spike in mail theft in Tampa in several neighborhoods.

When determining the degree of theft that occurred courts have generally determined that it is not the market (actual value) of the merchandise taken, but rather the “sales price” that establishes “value” for purposes of determining the degree of a theft offense. F.T. v. State of Florida, 146 So. 3d 1270. The DCA also determined that the “value of merchandise” means the sale price of the merchandise at the time it was stolen or otherwise removed, depriving the owner of her or his lawful right to ownership of the items.

If you have been arrested or charged with shoplifting in the Tampa or Sarasota area, contact an experienced Tampa shoplifting attorney today by calling Pallegar Law, P.A. at (813) 444.3912 today.

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