New Threshold for Grand Theft Offenses

Theft can oftentimes be considered a minor offense due to its commonality, but that is not necessarily the case. A grand theft offense is one that could greatly hinder your life and future opportunities if charged. We are grand theft attorneys and share your concerns and would like to offer help to those in need.

Grand theft is defined as the intentional taking of property valued at $750.00 or more. It used to be $300.00 or more but was changed late last year to bring Florida’s outdated theft laws into the modern era. The below definitions are subject to additional penalties if the state in which the act was committed is under a State of Emergency declared by the Governor or any theft was facilitated by conditions such as power outages, curfews, or mandatory evacuations. Additional information can be found and explained in Chapter 812 of the Florida Statutes. Contact a grand theft attorney in Florida for additional clarification if you have been charged with theft of any kind.

1st Degree Grand Theft

You are considered having committed grand theft in the first degree under the following circumstances:

  • If you commit any sort of grand theft AND:
  • The offender uses a vehicle for anything other than a getaway vehicle, which for example could be to crash into a building for easier access to the inside, therefore damaging the property.
  • The offender causes damage to the property exceeding $1,000.
2nd Degree Grand Theft

You are considered having committed grand theft in the second degree under the following circumstances:

  • The property is valued between $20,000-$99,000.
  • The property is stolen medical equipment taken from a medical facility or vehicle.
  • The property stolen is law enforcement equipment taken from an authorized emergency vehicle (i.e. fire truck, police vehicle, ambulance, etc.)
3rd Degree Grand Theft

You are considered have committed grand theft in the third degree under the following circumstances:

  • If the property stolen is valued anywhere between $750.00-$20,000.
  • If the property stolen is a will or other similar document.
  • If the property stolen is a firearm, or motor vehicle.
  • If the property stolen is a farmed animal, including a bee colony or aquaculture species (This would be an additional $10,000 fine).
  • If the property stolen is a fire extinguisher.
  • If the property stolen is any amount of citrus exceeding 2,000 or more pieces of fruit.
  • If the property stolen is taken from a construction site or is any amount of controlled substance.
  • Grand theft auto is also listed under a third degree felony, but can be raised to a second or first-degree offense depending on what the vehicle is valued at.

Actress Winona Ryder exhibited a famous example of grand theft in 2002, when security at Saks Fifth Avenue found $5,560 worth of merchandize including clothing, and garment bags. Though it was highly publicized, her official charges were never declared and Winona was sentenced to three years probation, community service, and large fines for her actions. If you are involved in a similar situation and reside in Sarasota, we recommend you contact a grand theft lawyer.

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