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I Can’t Breathe

May 25th 2020 will be a day forever remembered in history as the day Minneapolis residents took justice into their own hands. George Floyd, 46, was arrested in the late evening after allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill at a convenience store. It was later stated that Floyd resisted arrest, which led officer Derek Chauvin to place his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck in order to restrain him. Floyd muttered the words “I can’t breathe” to the officer and three others surrounding him, before passing away all within 30 minutes of the incident. If you or a loved one have been arrested in relation to the protests in Tampa, contact a lawyer at Pallegar Law, P.A. as soon as possible to get the help you need.

Following George Floyd’s death, all four officers, including Derek Chauvin were fired from the Minneapolis Park Police Department. Upon hearing the news that no charges had been made against the murderer, rage erupted from the residents of Minneapolis. Residents took the next three days to both peacefully protest for change, which eventually led to the chaotic riots across the nation. On May 29th, Derek Chauvin was arrested on 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter, though none of the other three officers were arrested and charged.

On May 30th, the residents of Tampa began their protest against the death of George Floyd. The glass surrounding the University Town Center Mall was smashed, and businesses in the surrounding area were looted. A gas station and Sports stores, alone with other locations were set on fire. Tampa Police claim to have arrested more than 40 people on Saturday night, and there are also claims of shots being fired. On May 31st, Mayor Jane Castor announced a curfew would be in affect from 7:30 pm to 6 am until further notice. Additionally, the National Guard was activated in the Tampa area, in order to maintain order and prevent additional rioting. If someone you know has been charged for participating in the rioting that took place, contact an attorney at Pallegar Law, P.A.

In addition to the protests and riots, many noteworthy celebrities and attorneys have spoken out against this act of racial injustice. Both the #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd have been trending over the course of a week, allowing individuals to voice their thoughts on the matter. To legally break it down, Resisting Arrest without violence is a first-degree misdemeanor, which is punishable by no more than one year of imprisonment. Resisting Arrest with violence is a third-degree felony, which is punishable by up to five years imprisonment. Under the Florida Statues, using counterfeit money is also a third-degree felony. In conclusion, no statues, regulations, or other form of public law would have granted the death of George Floyd for his actions on May 25th, 2020. If you are interested in obtaining additional information on the Florida Statutes listed above, contact a lawyer a Pallegar Law, P.A.

George Floyd was unable to access the help he needed before his life was taken. Don’t wait to get the defense you deserve, contact a lawyer today.

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If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime related to the protests incited by George Floyd’s death, contact a skilled Tampa Attorney at Pallegar Law, P.A. Call 813.444.3912 to schedule your free consultation.

Read more about the Saturday night protest in Tampa, here.

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