First Time Offenders and Diversion Programs

At Pallegar Law, P.A. we focus a lot of time representing individuals in Tampa who are charged with a crime for the first time. As criminal defense lawyers we give these cases more attention since the individual charged with the crime is most of the time unfamiliar with the court system. We routinely represent college students, doctors, attorneys, engineers, and other working professionals who due to bad decision-making processes wind up on the wrong side of the law. Many times it involves a DUI or a minor misdemeanor such as theft or disorderly contact. In some cases it can be a more serious felony theft or felony drug crime. We understand the importance of making sure the outcome of the case is such that it has the least impact on your future. In many cases we can obtain a complete dismissal of your case and later we can expunge your record so there is no evidence of the arrest.

As Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney, we know the sensitivity that a criminal charge can have on a working profession. Our objective is to make sure that as few people know about your case as possible. We aim to brush the case under the rug. Make it disappear from all public records. This includes doing whatever we can to prevent your employer or your university from finding out you were charged or arrested for a crime. And in the event they do find out, we will do our best to make sure they are aware that the case will be dropped and the arrest will be removed.

In the event you are arrested for the first time or, in some cases, a second time you may qualify for a diversion program. In Tampa there are two criminal diversion programs:

These diversion programs are run by the State Attorney’s Office and essentially remove the case from the courtroom temporarily pending completion of the program. After you complete the requirements of the program, the State Attorney will throw the case out instead of putting it back into the court system.

The Misdemeanor Intervention Program, also called the MIP program, is for individuals charged with a first time misdemeanor excluding traffic offenses that result in a mandatory conviction such as DUI. Generally, after you complete 3-6 months of monitoring, pay a small fee, and complete a class or a few community service hours the State Attorney will dismiss the case.

The Pretrial Diversion Program also called the PTI program is designed as an alternate route to resolving a felony case. Like the MIP program your case leaves the courtroom after you agree to participate in the program. Unlike the MIP program it involves a longer supervision period and is more involved. However, the end result is the same. Instead of re-filing the case back into the court system, the prosecutor drops all charges. So regardless of which program you qualify for the end result is the same a complete dismissal of your case. After you complete either program your record may qualify for expunging.

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