Commercial Truck Accidents in Sarasota

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed after being involved in an accident with a commercial truck. The sheer size of these vehicles can do serious damage to someone in a much smaller car. These kinds of accidents can cause severe damage to your head, neck, spine, and back which can result in high medical bills, lengthy hospital stays, and potentially months of missed work.

How can an experienced Sarasota truck accident attorney help? One of the most difficult parts about settling a car accident case is determining fault and liability. If you were hit by a commercial truck the liability may be with the driver, the business owner, or even the manufacturer. When you hire a knowledgeable attorney at Pallegar Law, P.A., we get to work right away gathering information and facts to support your case. We deal with the insurance companies and all the parties involved to make sure that you receive compensation for your injuries and lost wages.


Usually, the person driving a commercial truck in Sarasota does not own the vehicle in any way. The company that employs this driver may also not own the vehicle, but lease from a separate company. This makes determining liability quite difficult, and it’s certainly not something that you want to deal with without the help of an aggressive Sarasota truck accident attorney.

Who may be liable for an accident involving a commercial vehicle in Sarasota? It may be the driver of the vehicle, their employer or their company, the owner of the truck or the trailer, or the manufacturer of any part of the vehicle.

At Pallegar Law, P.A., we are skilled at gathering evidence and determining fault or negligence in car accident cases. Your attorney will compile witness statements, investigate company records, and collect evidence that will help you receive just compensation for your injuries.

Reasons for Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial truck drivers in Sarasota have high standards to meet in terms of health, coordination, skill, and safety. When these standards are not met, it puts thousands of drivers at risk of injury or death. A truck driver may be driving distractedly, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or texting or talking on the phone. They may be driving aggressively or speeding, or be too fatigued to be driving. However, the issue is not always with the driver. There may be an issue with the vehicle itself, or the cargo. The vehicle may not have been properly inspected, by the driver or by the company who owns the vehicle. The cargo may have been improperly secured, or violated any number of safety regulations. The vehicle itself may have a manufacturing defect that caused the accident.

The reasons for a commercial truck accident in Sarasota are numerous. Determining the reason for the accident is key in determining who is at fault. Hiring a skilled personal injury attorney will ensure that you are able to rest and recover while your attorney handles your case, down to the smallest detail.

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